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We welcome you on our internet platform and invite you to research our capabilities which you will profit from.  We offer:

  • RoV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Inspektions and RoV Work
  • Sonar Inspektions and Surveys
  • Accompanying Diver Support
  • Consultancy

According to our motto:

"Difficult Jobs We Get Done Immediately, Impossible Jobs May Take A Little Longer",

OFSLtd established itself as the specialised RoV company for difficult and almost insoluble inspection and survey tasks in the Pan-European arenas.  International projects are dealt with in the same professional way.

We look forward to discuss your requirements and to provide cost effective solutions.

Bernd Očić, 
M.A. Cmb St. (Marine Resources, Geology, Geography, International Relations, Politics, German)

MD, Ocean Frontier Services

Bernd Ocic CEO OFS OFSLTD.com

Bernd Ocic OFS Superintendent OFSLTD.com

Bernd Ocic OFS RoV / Sonar Services OFSLTD.com