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RoV SideScan SideScan Tow Fish


Application with Falcon, Offshore Hyball, Multiscan or as Tow Fish:

  • High Resolution Imaging Sonar in River/Harbour/Canal/Coast/Lake/Sea
  • High Resolution Object search in River/Harbour/Canal/Coast/Lake/Sea
  • Pipeline / Route Survey


Technical Data: (RoV SideScan)
Length Electronic Pod 150 mm
Diameter Electronic Pod 95 mm
Length Sensors 500 mm
Diameter Sensors 45 mm
Weight in Air/Water ca. 5,3 kg/ 2,7 kg
Frequency 325 kHz
Operational Depth 4000 m
Power Requirement 18-36 VDC; 0,5 Amp







Side Scan Images:

plane image rowing boat ship image
IIWW Aircraft Harbor IIWW Ship