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 OFSLTD RoV Lock Latch

The OFSLTD RoV Running Lock Latch is a purpose made development from OFSLTD for OFSLTD Equipment and other third party equipment.  It has been designed as a remote release and automatic recover mechanism for our Seaeye Falcon.  The OFSLTD Lock Latch can be used as a retro-fit to any Falcon Systems and other light inspection RoVs like Mojave or V8 as well as other underwater equipment. 

As a professional company we aim to provide high safety standards and functional practicability as well as ruggedness to all our designs and developments.  Therefor our customers can be sure to acquire a high value product with a fair price tag on it.

The lock latches are certified by the Germanische Lloyd and come with a valid recent load test certificate and NDT test.


Function:  The bullet is attached around the ie. RoV Umbilical and onto to the RoV lift point with a safety bolt.  The lock latch is loaded with the same umbilical through a slot and then closed with two securing rings.  The lock latch can now be lowered on a ie. crane wire along the umbilical until it snaps onto the bullet.  The RoV / underwater equipment can be lowered over the side into the water and if required even under the splash zone.  By a pull on the release line or alternatively by some optional floats the lock latch detaches from the bullet. The RoV is now free to travel to its destined operation.  The lock latch can be recovered over the water line or left in the water to weigh the umbilical down to help it to keep away from propellers or USBL equipment, etc.

To recover the RoV / u/w equipment it is driven below the launch point.  The lock latch is lowered along the umbilical until it snaps onto the bullet.  The Rov / u/w equipment can now be recovered in a controlled and safe manner with hoisting equipment.


Stainless Steel Version / Titanium Version:

SWL: 166,6 Kg @ 3G

Proof Load: 500 Kg

Delivery Time:  up to 4-6 weeks (including loadtests) from order if not available from stock.



Material:  Titanium

Weight:  ca. 0,45 Kg

Internal Diameter:  25mm > suitable for 15mm umbilical plus cable grip

The bullet comes in two halfs and can be attached to any umbilical at any time without the need for retermination of the umbilical.


Lock Latch:

The umbilical can be loaded at any point of time without the need of retermination of the umbilical.


Stainless Steel Version:

Material:  High grade stainless steel


Titanium Version:

Material: Titanium 

The Titanium Version can be released with a higher SWL if  required.

Price: on application




OFSLTD  Falcon RoV System Spares


on application





 OFSLTD  Hyball

Betriebstunden: wenig Einsatz in Malta -HMS Russel, Ein paar Unterwasserhöhlen...

Zustand: 1+ - wie neu

Ausstattung: Manipulator, Color Kamera, lichtempfindliche S/W Kamera, 4 Halogen Leuchten (2 Fest / 2 Kamera begleitend), 150m Kabel, 300m Kabel, Sonar anschluss, Platz für HD Kamera